Alaska’s Port Community will Need Help Surviving New Canadian Regulations on Cruise Shipping

In light of the recent law passed by the Canadian government on the passage of Cruise ships on its waters, Alaska tourism is as good as counting its losses already.

In a bid to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Canadian authorities have identified the activities of cruise ships as a threat to the safety of their citizen’s health. As a result, it imposed a ban on the passage of these vessels on their water.

How the New Canadian Regulation Affects the Alaska Tourism Industry

As a result of the strategic location of Alaska as close to the ocean and the Canadian nation, the state thrives very much on the tourism industry boosted by the activities of cruise ships that take off or dock in the state. Many of these ships come or head for Canada.

The hospitality and leisure industry, as well as individual ventures, benefit from this bilateral relationship. Furthermore, because many of these ships are foreign-registered, they cannot dock in two United States port without passing through a foreign country. This is where the Canadian waters come in very handy.

However, the new regulation banning the activities of Cruise ships from Canadian waters is troubling news for many people in the state of Alaska. Some people think the state will need a hefty stimulus package from the administrators to sail through the difficult time.

How Long will the Ban Last?

The ban is meant to be effective for one year. This is in light of a statement issued by the Canadian authorities as they explained that the restriction of Cruise ships on Canadian waters will be effective till the second month of 2022.

However, it is believed that the restrictions can be relaxed if there is an improvement in the global approach to resolving the spread of the virus.

However, the optimism seems to be far-fetched especially with the outbreak of the new variants of the virus reported in places like Brazil.  This is also considering how many scientists and notable figures are having a hard time dealing with the emergence of the new variant of the Covid-19 virus.