Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Urges World Powers to Help Developing-Nations Tackle Covid-19 Pandemic

The former Nigerian finance minister is making headlines for her role on the world stage. In a recent development, the former Nigerian finance minister was vocal about the need for world powers to pay attention to helping developing countries tackle the spread and resultant effects of the Covid-19 virus.

The economist who is making strides in the World Trade Organization (WTO) made this known in a recent interview she granted to a foreign correspondent.

The Solution Needs a Communal Approach

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala explained that the global community must approach the resolution of this pandemic as a community. This is rather than seeking individual ways to combat the negative effects of the pandemic from a selfish stance.

She added that the whole world will not be safe until everywhere is safe from the virus. This statement from the former Nigeria finance minister was likely triggered by the fear of the world powers and industrialized nations marginalizing the African continent from getting the vaccines and aids to deal with the situation.

Everyone Is Doing Something

The economist was frank in her admission that key political holders in the African continent are doing everything reasonably possible to tackle the virus and the resultant effect.

However, this belief is not shared by a good number of citizens in countries like Nigeria. The masses in this nation have identified how the administrators have been insensitive to their plight even during the height of the lockdown which was caused by the pandemic.

Examples stated include how warehouses containing palliatives were discovered without the key players sharing the relief items to people who need them.

However, the need for world leaders and international organizations to help developing countries deal with this health situation is important. This is especially given how the pandemic has put many of these nations in a terrible fiscal position as many of these nations run on debts.

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