Facebook Validation System Discovered not to be Error-Free

The Facebook mechanism for validating contents and adverts as worthy for posting has been discovered not to be error-free. This is in light of a series of incidents where the social media platform has turned down the request of many people to post constructive things.

In a recent development, a concerned businessman decided to take the fight against the spread of Covid-19 to an all-new level. Selflessly, this businessman – Wilfred Emmanuel; decided to encourage the Asian and black communities to take the subject of being vaccinated seriously.

This is in light of statistics indicating that these groups of people have not been showing up in their numbers for the vaccination.

How Facebook Rejected a Harmless Constructive Post

After having his first vaccine administered, the businessman who deals in the sales of deli products and meat recalled how the social media platform turned down his offer to advertise his content to the black and Asian community. The reason given was the presence of shocking content in the post.

Additionally, some people have also come up to explain their difficulty posting/advertising contents that are harmless on the social media platform.

How has Facebook Reacted?

Frankly, Facebook admitted that it was a mistake and apologized. It should also be noted that the constructive content aimed at encouraging the Asian and black community to get the Covid-19 vaccine administered has now been accepted and uploaded on the platform.

Explaining the problem, some pertinent officials stated that the platform deals with enormous requests on advert posting and there is the possibility of making such mistakes once in a while.

The spokesperson for the tech company explained that the company “processes millions of posts and images daily, and occasionally we make a mistake. We have restored the ad and apologize to Mr. Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones for any inconvenience caused”.

However, is this problem common to other social media platforms or something peculiar to Facebook alone?

What is known is that the Businessman did upload the same content on Instagram and did not have any problems whatsoever.