Nose Surgery Gone Wrong for Chinese Actress

The name Gao Liu rings a bell for many people in the Chinese nation. She is a talented and well-loved actress who has featured in many thrilling screen pictures and shows. However, it was surprising for many when she disappeared from the spotlight for months without any updates for her fans.

As things are, there is credible information as to why the talented and well-respected actress was out of the spotlight all this while.

Cosmetic Medical Procedure becomes the Beginning of a Nightmare

Of late, the actress took to her social media handle and explained the situation that has kept her for so long. Additionally, she attached graphic images of how a cosmetic surgery that was supposed to make her look better turned out to be a disaster she has to live with for a while.

The actress used the avenue to advise her fans and the public to desist from indulging in cosmetic surgery except it is imperative. This view has been shared by lots of people who have had terrible experiences with plastic surgeries in various parts of the world.

What Exactly went Wrong?

The actress explained to her over 5 million social media followers how she was advised by a friend to have cosmetic surgery on her nose. The intent was to make her look more beautiful which she heeded to.

Unfortunately, rather than the medical procedure helping to achieve that aim, it has put her in a difficult position. This is considering how her nose looks terrible because of the death of tissues located at the tip of her nose. As a result, this part of Gao Liu’s body is very darkened.

The more annoying part is that no reconstructive surgery can be conducted for the time being. This is sad news for the actress and her many online and offline followers hoping to see her soon in the spotlight.