Zealous Teacher Benefits from Neighborhood Net and Social Media in Developing Library during Pandemic

One of the most affected sectors of the economy by the pandemic is the education system. The spread of the COVID-19 virus has altered the normal way education was conducted in American society and the world at large.

But despite the many odds facing the education system, passionate teachers like Jennifer Martins, who has given intellectually to her students for over 22 years, are helping to deal with the crisis.

How Jennifer Martins Is Helping Students in Her Community Develop Reading Culture

While the virus has forced the education system to resort to virtual learning, many parents, educators, and even wards complain that it is not as effective as physical learning. As a result, reading books and developing comprehension skills has been a backbreaking task especially for elementary school students.

To help out, Jennifer Martins started by converting her garage to a library. Her justification was the fact that many of her students lived nearby and had to move miles to access books from the closest library. To help matters, she began to stock up her library with books gotten from her school. However, this was not enough.

She then reached out to friends and passionate persons who took things a step further. Many of them made use of the community net – an online platform that allows members/residence of a community to keep tabs on happenings in the community; in reaching out to people willing to help.

Amazingly, the response has been massive as people are buying into the idea. As things are, the library is up and running with more than enough books for students in the community to read.

Not a Recent One from Jennifer Martins

While this is a commendable gesture for her and everyone who has supported the vision in one way or the other, it is not the first time Martins is volunteering to do something remarkable for the sake of educating little children.

For instance, she has been reported to help in the establishment of libraries in third world nations like Uganda in the past. She deserves some credit for her unquestionable zeal.